Daniel Norregaard, Emma Olanders, Michal
Owinski, Gabrielle Pauty, Julio Reyes
Montesinos, Daan Rietbergen, Jakub
Straka, Daiva Tubutyte, Dhiradj
Ramsamoedj, Akiko Wakabayashi,
Alexander Thali, Merel Woudwijk,
Corinne Gisel, Jurgis Griskevicius,
Keun Pyo Ahn, Charlie Bakker, Doris
Boerman, Julia Künzi, Esther Bentvelsen,
Jules Estèves, Roos Levano, Sigridur
Juliusdottir, Adrian Camenzind,
Maaike Kuiper and Katrin Uhlmanns made
these duos of Mickey Mouse drawings
after I asked them to think of two
contradicting words (like hot and cold)
and apply those while coloring the Mickeys.
It was inspired on an experiment slash
exercise given by Frans Oosterhof