PRESS RELEASE — Mosquitoes, Elephants, Mountains & Molehills, a publication by Bart de Baets, published by Onomatopee

In the second issue of Mosquitoes, Elephants, Mountains & Molehills Bart de Baets continues to bombard us with his fascination for trivial information. It's a collection of casually written short stories, observations, lists and rumors, starring family, friends and lovers, the dead and the living, the gorgeous and the not so gorgeous. And though it's hard to tell the difference between what's fiction and what's fact, it's clear the author is not afraid to share his private life and his fascination for what is known as 'bad taste'. Although the content sometimes seems shallow, unimportant almost, it reads as if one is peeping into another person's diary. Don't we all just crave for gossip in the end?

Parts of this issue of Mosquitoes, Elephants, Mountains & Molehills have been published before in fanzines made by the artist, and are edited and re-used in this publication. Recycling older material is a remarkable feature of de Baets's work. It exaggerates both the importance and the insignificance of the content. Just as in the first issue of Mosquitoes, Elephants, Mountains & Molehills, it is important for him to force the viewers to enjoy the banality of the so preciously collected footage.