September 2008. A newsletter for the Center for the Advancemnet of Recreation and Leisure, aka C.A.R.L. aka Eric von Robertson.

About C.A.R.L.

Eric von Robertson works under the conceptual framework of C.A.R.L. – The Center for the Advancement of Recreation and Leisure. As Robertson says, “C.A.R.L. is a destination, a way of locating and rerouting the world around us, through a process of excursions and sculptural prototypes.” These prototypes are tossed into a series of field studies that travel between remote and urban landscapes – places where a large inflatable cushion of air is uncontrollably swept through the streets, to a pack of stray dogs sporting custom designed textiles that offer new routes and intersections for City Guides. As C.A.R.L.’s excursions continue to meander through the Lost Caves of St Louis or across deserted islands in the Maldives, these places and misadventures become models in tourism and personally reflected souvenirs in the pursuit of recreation and leisure.