LET’S GET PHYSICAL is the name of what started as a short two week workshop, but ended up as a five week one. It's about being in shape and looking gorgeous. No, it's not...
I couldn't help but join in. Read the assignment below and you'll see what this is all about. This is my interpretation of that workshop. I still should scan the insides of the booklets too...

“I got the flow, you all gotta go, so pick up your bags so we can go, ho-ho!”

Week 1. 24.04.2008
MAKING THE EXERCISE BOOKS. Make a series* of exercise books for the entire class. Each one should be A5 size and contain enough pages for every student to work in.
Think of quick exercises or assignments to make: Text and image based. Think trivial, abstract, absurd, smart, personal, poetic, informative, silly. Think of puzzles, coloring books, questionaires and quizzes.

Week 2. 08.05.2008
EXERCISE! Pass on the exercise books to everyone in class and get started. Doing an exercise shouldn’t take up more than a few minutes, so keep that in mind when you create them in week 1.

The weekend of 10 & 11.05.2008
Think about making some extra copies of your exercise books. MARK UNREAD is a perfect place to show your work. You might even make some money.

* More than 5, not more than 20.