The third issue of Dark and Stormy is out! Rustan and I presented it at Yana Foque's Nachtwinkel in Antwerpen and a second presentation took place not long after in San Serriffe. For both occassions we made a Forrest Gump inspired poster slash wall piece. This has nothing to do with the content of this issue. In fact, it was San Serriffe's Elisabeth Klement who mentioned how fun it would be to extend Forrest Gump's bench. It's her favorite movie, she said. She watches it at least twice a year...

at San Serriffe

"Yes, it was sad when Bubba died, but it was only
when Jenny died that I became a total train wreck."

On eye sight in the Nachtwinkel hung a series
of A4 papers with Forrest Gump's bench printed on it.

Here's Rustan explaining Therese and Esteban
what it's all really about...

And here's the charming six page fanzine itself: