These are three fanzines I made quite short after another. The first one, I'm Easy (Like a Sunday Morning) is about the things I like and don't like. Some Memorable Quotes by... is a collection of quotes by famous and some infamous people. It has an index in the back giving some extra information about the quotes or the people making them. Mosquitoes, Elephants, Mountains & Molehillsis something I've been working on for a long time. Basically, I had a really long text file with all kinds of loose bits of information and random stories. The content for I'm Easy... and Some Memorable Quotes By...was also written down in this text file. I used all what was left over in Mosquitoes, Elephants, Mountains & Molehills. It's a collection of thoughts, idea's, dreams, rumours and short stories. I try to create a certain reality by combining the different kinds of sources. It should be somewhat unclear whether it's all true or not, or if it's written by just me or by many different people.