Mark Unread/The Happy Children Nuancing Down The Hall

MARK UNREAD is an Amsterdam-based platform for graphic designers that researches the role of a designer in the contemporary art and design world in an active way. MARK UNREAD wants to emphasize the identity and authorship of the designer. They want to disclose information and make the self-initiated work by young designers accessible. At the Botkyrka Residency MARK UNREAD presents a Mobile Shop Weekend with publications on writings and observations. The selection includes printed matter by Serge Onnen, Amalia Pica, Dick Raaijmakers, Bart de Baets, Sam de Groot, Paul Haworth, Phil Baber, Staffan Björk, Celine Wouters and many others.

THE HAPPY CHILDREN NUANCING DOWN THE HALL deals with the value of nuance in art. By rephrasing existing material the artists emphasize the distinction between original and art work. They reflect on how nuance can be interpreted in different ways or how it can become a productive element of a working method.

An exhibition curated by Pieter Verbeke.