Death To The Corpse and The Pop Quiz Hotshot are the first two assignments I gave when I started teaching the first year of graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Death To The Corpse!
Unmask The Principal

Deconstruct the Exquisite Corpse by trying out this old Surrealist method over and over again. Explore the rules of the game. Try to see the Exquisite Corpse as just another way to generate content. Get to know each other better by playing. What works, what doesn’t and with who? Team up and beat the system! Together with your group you should make the ultimate Exquisite Corpse, but is this really possible? It’s up to you to find out ways to do so. As we go along, it’s time to slow down and focus, ‘cos a design aspect has to be applied. What you make of it is up to you. Everything is possibles as long as you play by the rules. But those are simple...

The Pop Quiz Hotshot

In seven weeks time I want you each to organise a quiz which will be part of an all night event that’ll take place before the Christmas break in the end of December.
There’s a couple of restrictions:
On November 11 and November 25 you have to give a presentation of your idea and progress in the shape of a quiz. We, the rest of the class will be the audience and will play. To challenge the contestants you have to think of a price to win. So, basically, you’ll be making three quizzes, of which the first two are a preparation for the final event in December.